need help with 2 things please won error & -1 reply

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#1 16 years ago

hey guys ,just upgraded my pc from 98se to xp pro amd athlon 2800 asus a7n8x main board 512ddr ram alrighty played sof1 for years on 98se but ive had an 80 gig hd put in i wanted to reinstall and play some ctf again, but keep getting this won error ...stoping me from being able to get the game going ..this never done it on 98se ..please explain ? and this is embarrasing :uhm: when some one replies to my threads , they don,t get sent to my mail box to tell me ......can this new forem have this function ? and were and how do i set it up so i get replies from threads .to my email box telling me who and what they have said ..:nodding: thanks heaps guys ,feel a bit of a noob not knowing how to get replies cheers to ya guys :cheers:

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2nd November 2002

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#2 16 years ago

Ok first off when you install SoF1 dont install the won setup, support for that stopped years ago.

Also e-mails on the forum have been the Announcments at the top of the forum..