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20th May 2003

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#1 18 years ago

With Osp 0.3d we can record our game. If you goto your osp options you can set it to record. rock and roll. very cool. but, theres always a but.

how do u play the demo? i tried to play it through windows media player and it says it a file type not recognized. matter of fact, the file has no association whatsoever with anything. i dont even understand what kind of file it is.


what is that? i get part of it, but the rest, im at a loss. how do i play it, and edit it hopefully. it would be nice if i could cut a good part out to email someone i sniped! wooo funny stuff. first though id like to at least play it.

HELP!!!:confused: :eek: :eek: :confused:


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28th September 2002

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#2 18 years ago

try /demo NFC_Pickard-POV(NFC_Pickard)2003.5.20-2.22.54

That should work ;)


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22nd August 2002

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#3 18 years ago

Put the demo in a folder called demos in ya base folder then you can run them via the console from there


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30th April 2003

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#4 18 years ago

I use http://www.planetquake3.net/seismovision/ once installed u can simply double click on the demos to watch them :)