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#1 14 years ago

Firslty this is my first post here so be gentle :rolleyes: I am trying to set up a server for SOF2, and have a few questions so here goes. 1, Does the server have to meet the minimum requirements that the single user has ie Graphics Capabiltiy ? 2, Do I have to use routable IP addresses within the internal network (Behind the Firewall) ie 193 > 255 ? 3, How do I manage the server from a client on the network, (The server is in the garage) 4, I have played with the SOFrunner and seem to have something happening but all I see on the server is a green box. 5, I also use Winproxy (Firewall), do I just have to give the game access to certain ports as listed in the green box that schrolls up the screen while loading. If I have posted this in the wrong area I appologise. Admin/Mods I found a number of posts that had been moved unfortunately there wasn't a link to where they had been moved to, some of these might have answered some of my queries. Thanks N

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#2 14 years ago

To answer your question about the sof2runner, the green box is what you need to see, that tells you the server is up and running. Start sof2 mp game and then join your server. With rcon you can admin from ingame, or admin via the green box on your desktop. The other questions i cant help you with sorry :(