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3rd February 2003

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#1 16 years ago


Anyone know how to config Microsoft Proxy 2.0 for use with Soldier of Fortune 2 Server ???

i tried to join a game with sof2 , but the moment i do a "get list" sof2 hangs... (think with resolving pings...)

i tried joining a server with ASE (all-seeing eye) and that works perfect. (although ase displays a server list with real high pings 4000!! , but wen i enter the game with ase i get a ping of 30)

Now i wanna start a server, i used SOF2runner for it, i enabled OSP and PB. (@home it works flawless) it starts.... but then @home i cant see the server (@work,where ms proxy runns) showup in the list. neither can anyone else.

i think MS proxy 2.0 needs some extra settings. anyone an idea ??? i searched the net over and over but i cant find a thing about ms proxy and sof2.

hope u can help! :uhoh: