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#1 10 years ago

[COLOR=Red]European Leg[COLOR=Black]

10th Feb 2008

7.00 pm Ranged n Shot vs [/COLOR][/COLOR] <>Luttenbacher <>Luttenbacher wins as [COLOR=Red][COLOR=Black]Ranged n Shot Failed to show up.

[/COLOR][/COLOR] 7.30 pm SKLD_NeMeSiS vs -E*E- BRDO -E*E- BRDO wins as SKLD_NeMeSiS [COLOR=Red][COLOR=Black]Failed to show up.

[/COLOR][/COLOR] 8.00pm <>DarkKnight vs GAF_M4 <>DarkKnight wins as GAF_M4 [COLOR=Red][COLOR=Black]Failed to show up.

[/COLOR][/COLOR] 8.30pm -E*E- NoMercy vs <>Someone -E*E- NoMercy wins as <>Someone [COLOR=Red][COLOR=Black]Failed to show up.

11th Feb 2008

7.00pm [/COLOR][/COLOR] <>DeadAgain vs CAPTZOOL CAPTZOOL wins 43 to 36

7.30pm SKLD_KeBaB vs <>Leeds <>Leeds wins as SKLD_KeBaB Failed to show up.

8.00pm -E*E-Bo$$ vs NIGHTMARE -E*E-Bo$$ wins 31 to 19

8.30pm <>DeadAgain vs NIGHTMARE <>DeadAgain wins 31 to 30 **

Tuesday 12th Feb 2008 7.00 pm <>Luttenbacher vs -E*E- BRDO -E*E- BRDO wins 32 to 25

7.30 pm <>DarkKnight vs -E*E- NoMercy -E*E- NoMercy wins 16 to 10

8.00 pm CAPTZOOL vs <>Leeds <>Leeds wins 27 to 19

8.30 pm -E*E-Bo$$ vs <>DeadAgain <>DeadAgain wins 22 to 20

Semi Finals and Final Wednesday 13th Feb 2008 7.00 pm -E*E- BRDO vs -E*E- NoMercy -E*E- NoMercy wins 35 to 27

7.30 pm <>Leeds vs <>DeadAgain <>Leeds wins 27 to 23

8.00 pm -E*E- BRDO vs <>DeadAgain (For third place) -E*E- BRDO wins 36 to 29 -E*E- BRDO is 3rd in the European competition Congratulations.

Final 8.30 pm -E*E- NoMercy vs <>Leeds (For Second and First place) -E*E- NoMercy wins 27 to 16 <>Leeds is 2nd in the European competition Congratulations -E*E- NoMercy is the WINNER of the European competition Congatulations. -E*E- NoMercy will play the winner of the USA leg to find the Soffiles 1 vs 1 Champion 2008

[COLOR=Red][COLOR=Black] [COLOR=Red]American Leg [/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][COLOR=Red][COLOR=Black]10th Feb 2008

[/COLOR][/COLOR][COLOR=Red][COLOR=Black]7.00 pm [/COLOR][/COLOR] dl187 vs Biggs Biggs wins as dl187 Failed to show up.

7.30 pm xxcidxx vs beerwench42 xxcidxx wins 38 to 21.

11th Feb 2008

Due to connection issues these matches were postponed.

We have had a lot that failed to turn up but the next rounds will be full. If you are one of the players who could not make it then contact me today as there are still a couple of places left and we may still be able to enter you in the competition. I am looking forward to the next rounds tonight as we actually had a lot of fun last night.

** to fill the last remaining slot for the European leg the 2 losers from there previous matches played off. And tbh that was the match of the competition so far. There was 1 point between them all the way through and could have been a thrilling climax to the comp if that was the final. My congratulations to NIGHTMARE and <> DeadAgain for providing us with such a fantastic match.