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#1 19 years ago

Hi, Im pretty new to SoF II... well the entire SoF series actually... im breaking away from the RTS sytle games.

well enough about me.

here is my problem,

Im trying to use the VR-Glasses (u know...3D in a 3D game ?) that came with my Asus v7700 Geforce2 GTS Deluxe Card. Every time i try and start up the 3D, SoF Crashes. Locks up my entire computer. im running windows XP Pro, 512 MB RDRAM P4 1.7 Ghz Asus V7700 GTS Deluxe

any one eles out there try it with 3d Glasses?

any more info needed? just reply and ill get back to you.


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#2 19 years ago


Best thing to do is contact the makers of the VR glassess, I don't think there's to many people owning these glassess.

BTW are you talking about SoF or SoF 2 ?

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#3 19 years ago

im playing Soldier Of Fortune 2.

the Glasses came with SoF 1, but i want to play the latest right? im sure quite a bit of people own these since they came with the card.


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#4 19 years ago

Check there website for any Patches or Drivers available for download.

There are alot of changes from sof to sof 2, so you probally have to upgrade the glasses.

Try it out.

If you do not know the site, just use any search engine and tyoe ing the name of the product and the official at the end

IE: Batman Glasses official site.