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I didn't make it!

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#1 19 years ago

Just played on a server calles UCA(

I joined the red team, the first thing that happens what that i got killed by Rico wich was red (he was when u looked at the scoretable,pressing tab) I thought hmmm maybe just a misstake, and i looked at his score to see how much -score he sould get. ??? he didn't get any? hmmm then i saw another guy called Chaos[ger] he was doing the same thing, also got that red icon over hes head to make all think he was playing red. So here we got 2 cheaters, beware if u see them just kick them. Dont know how u can get a red icon over u head when u play blue, but they managed to do it.

Just thougt i would let you know. I aslo told many of my friends who host clan servers about these 2.

happy killing ya all!

best regards