Can't load saved game solution & grafix problem possible solution -1 reply

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#1 16 years ago

I can't remember where I saw this today but someone had posted about the game locking up when "load saved game" was clicked.

I too have had this problem and its seem to be a problem with the number of saved games u have in the folder. try manually deleting about a hundred or so early ones then it should work again.

I have an old TNT2 pci card and was getting some weird graphical "flickering" like the screens refresh rate was REALLY low every now and again which eventually caused the game to crash. (this also happened in Jedi Knight 2) up til now the only solution I found was to turn off the open GL extensions, but I have played SOF2 without trouble so far by simply:

accessing the open GL setting in the display properties dialogue

forcing the Buffer flipping Mode to USE PAGE FLIP

and assigning 46 meg of system memory to be available to the tnt in pci mode.

I thought I would just post these in case anyone else was having similar problems Iam assuming the latter also works for jedi knight 2 also.