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#1 14 years ago

hey guys, ive been playing sof2 for a while now, but I just discovered this forum, so I was wondering if you guys could answer some questions I had about the multiplayer aspects of the game.

I usually host a LAN game on my computer betweeen me and a few friends, and I've always been aggravated by the lack of options present in the GUI. Can anyone tell me the easiest way to edit the map cycles and available weapons? Also, is there a way as an admin to change the scorelimit or even the timelimit on the fly? And is there a console command for turning on and off the anticamp penalty? Finally is there a way as the host that I can change the map and/or gametype without a vote? If there are any mods out there that cover this sort of stuff I'd be interested in that too. I know thats a lot for one post, but thanks in advance.

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#2 14 years ago

first welcome to the forums. there are plenty of mods out there that cover all this and more. though the only one still in development by its original developer is goldrush. but roc will do what you have asked for as well. seta scorelimit "0" seta timelimit "20" seta g_gametype "ctf" seta g_antiCamp "0" seta g_antiCampTime "30" seta g_antiCampRadius "400" // radius (min: 200, max: 1000) // Disable or enable weapons seta disable_weapon_knife "0" seta disable_pickup_weapon_US_SOCOM "0" seta disable_pickup_weapon_M19 "0" seta disable_pickup_weapon_silvertalon "0" seta disable_pickup_weapon_microuzi "0" seta disable_pickup_weapon_M3A1 "0" seta disable_pickup_weapon_MP5 "0" seta disable_pickup_weapon_USAS_12 "2" seta disable_pickup_weapon_M590 "0" seta disable_pickup_weapon_MSG90A1 "0" seta disable_pickup_weapon_M4 "0" seta disable_pickup_weapon_AK_74 "0" seta disable_pickup_weapon_SIG551 "0" seta disable_pickup_weapon_M60 "0" seta disable_pickup_weapon_RPG_7 "2" seta disable_pickup_weapon_MM_1 "2" seta disable_pickup_weapon_M84 "0" seta disable_pickup_weapon_SMOHG92 "0" seta disable_pickup_weapon_AN_M14 "2" seta disable_pickup_weapon_M15 "0" and mapcycles. i have attached a mapcycle i used for 1 of the goldrush 3.0 test servers. you wont have the maps without goldrush but its a good example of a simple mapcycle. ignore the bot_minplayers command but you can use any of the cvars and more in there. if you want to try goldrush then that is no problem just click the link in my sig. if you want to try roc mod goto and i am sure merrick and alot of the other guys here can tell you about it. also have a quick look at this. we had a guy who knew nothing a few days ago and hopefully or explanation to him will make it easier to understand.