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#1 16 years ago

:deal: Well, I bought the game just few days ago and I'm running the mp dedicated server. Only problem that I have is that how the heck I can get random map cycle on and most importantly WHAT are the commands for the dedicated servers console??? I know now ONLY how to kick, ban, get status and loggins, but thats it...I could really use some help!

:naughty: *Cough!* There is also one other thing. I wanna get into a good clan that has GOOD players! I'm in a clan now, but there is no challenge at all to me. I have played SOF2 just about 2 weeks, but 1st person shooters since Wolfenstein 3D came out. So you bet your ass I get headshots!!! Any good clans out there, let me know if you're interested.

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#2 16 years ago

if your looking to join a clan, try, they have clan leagues and recruiting pages but their site has been down. Also my clan will be recruting here shortly :rock: