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#1 17 years ago

In SoF it was easy to use and apply the cheats? Now, in SoF II, I cannot seem to apply ANY cheats? I receive a message that reads cheats are not enabled on this server? Can anyone help?


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12th July 2002

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#2 17 years ago

Hello usmcrecon

There are two ways to enable cheats.

(1) The simplest way to enable cheats is to add:

+set setrandom sv_cheats 1

to the target line of your desktop shortcut (right click on the icon to show target line).

It should look something like this when done:

"C:\Program Files\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix\SoF2.exe" +set com_multilingual 2 +set sp_language 0 +set setrandom sv_cheats 1

Then, when in Game, press [Shift] + [~] to bring down the console. Simply type in any of these codes, then [Shift] + [~] again to hide console.

(2)The other method is when in the game, type setrandom sv_cheats 1, [ENTER] in the console to enable cheat mode then type in a code

If you did step number (1), you may have to also do step number (2) the first time.




GOD God mode

GIVE ALL Receive all weapons

GIVE HEALTH Receive full health

GIVE ARMOR Receive full armor

GIVE STAMINA Receive full stamina

GIVE AMMO Receive full ammo for current weapon

NOCLIP This allows you to walk through walls

NOTARGET Your Foes won't kill you

NOFATIGUE Never Get Tired

PINKSPIDER Receive unlimited power

CMDLIST This shows the list of console commands

RAVEN1 This will allow you to select a level from an icon on the main menu

TIMESCALE x This allows you to slow down or speed up the game. X=1 to 10

cg_drawFPS 1 This shows the frame rate

cg_drawFPS 0 This turns it off

G_GRAVITY x This changes the gravity. 800 os default, 0 for flight

G_SPEED x This will change the movement rate. 320 is default, lower is slower

NAME "text" This will let you change the player's name. Ie: name John Mullins TOGGLE R_FULLSCREEN Full screen mode, restarts the game

TOGGLE R_WINDOWED Windowed mode, restarts the game

MAPNAME This displays the current level name

DIR MAPS This shows all the levels in that directory the rest are levels you can type in the console, need to know the level names if you know them

MAP AIR1 Level #1 "Air Base Area 1"

MAP AIR2 Level #2 "Air Base Area 2"

MAP AIR3 Level #3 "Air Base Area 3"

MAP AIR4 Level #4 “Air Base Area 4"

MAP ARM1 Level #5 "The Armory Area 1"

MAP ARM2 Level #6 "The Armory Area2"

MAP CEM1 Cutscene

MAP COL1 Level #7 "Columbia Area 1"

MAP COL2 Level #8 "Columbia Area 2"

MAP COL3 Level #9 "Columbia Area 3"

MAP COL4 Level #10 "Columbia Area 4"

MAP COL5 Level #11 "Columbia Area 5"

MAP COL6 Level #12 "Columbia Area 6"

MAP COL7 Level #13 "Columbia Area 7"

MAP COL8 Level #14 "Columbia Area 8"

MAP COL9 Level #15 "Columbia Area 9"

MAP FINCA1 Level #16

MAP FINCA2 Level #17

MAP FINCA3 Level #18

MAP FINCA4 Level #19

MAP HK1 Level #20 "Hong Kong Area 1"

MAP HK2 Level #21 "Hong Kong Area 2"

MAP HK3 Level #22 "Hong Kong Area 3"

MAP HK4 Level #23 "Hong Kong Area 4"

MAP HK5 Level #24 "Hong Kong Area 5"

MAP HK6 Level #25 "Hong Kong Area 6"

MAP HK7 Level #26 "Hong Kong Area 7"

MAP BOS1 Level #27 "Boss 1"

MAP BOS2 Level #28 "Boss 2"

MAP BOS3 Level #29 "Boss 3"

MAP BOS4 Level #30 "Boss 4"

MAP KAM1 Level #31 "Kamchatka Area 1"

MAP KAM2 Level #32 "Kamchatka Area 2"

MAP KAM3 Level #33 "Kamchatka Area 3"

MAP KAM4 Level #34 "Kamchatka Area 4"

MAP KAM5 Level # 35 "Kamchatka Area 5"

MAP KAM6 Level #36 "Kamchatka Area 6 "

MAP KAM7 Level #37 "Kamchatka Area 7"

MAP KAM8 Level #38 "Kamchatka Area 8"

MAP KAM9 Level #39 "Kamchatka Area 9"

MAP KAM10 Level #40 "Kamchatka Area 10"

MAP KAM11 Level #41 "Kamchatka Area 11"

MAP KAM12 Level #42 "Kamchatka Area 12"

MAP LINER1 Level #43 "The Liner Area 1"

MAP LINER2 Level #44 "The Liner Area 2"

MAP LINER3 Level #45 "The Liner Area 3"

MAP PRA1 Level #46 "Prague Area 1"

MAP PRA2 Level #47 "Prague Area 2"

MAP PRA3 Level #47 "Prague Area 3"

MAP PRA4 Level #48 "Prague Area 4"

MAP PRA5 Level #49 "Prague Area 5"

MAP PRA6 Level #50 "Prague Area 6"

MAP SHOP1 Level #51 "The Shop Area 1"

MAP SHOP2 Level #52 "The Shop Area 2"

MAP SHOP3 Level #53 "The Shop Area 3"

MAP SHOP4 Level #54 "The Shop Area 4"

MAP SHOP5 Level #55 "The Shop Area 5"

MAP SHOP6 Level #56 "The Shop Area 6"

MAP SHOP7 Level #57 "The Shop Area 7"

MAP SHOP8 Level #58 "The Shop Area 8"

MAP TUT1 Level #59 "Tutorial"

SERVERINFO This will show the server information

RECONNECT This will reconnect to the server

QUIT This will exit Sof2

KILL Suicide



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#3 17 years ago

hmm, r these for SP or MP?

for sP thats ok, but if it goes to MP u will be banned fromt he forum. only if a cheat is posted.


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12th July 2002

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#4 17 years ago

Single Player. I hate scumbag MultiPlayer Cheaters.

I think one thing that confuses people is when they don't have cheats enabled correctly is they get the reply: "cheats are not enabled on this server." And they are thinking HUH? I'm not on a server, I'm playing Single Player. Anyway, what is says, for whatever reason.



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#5 17 years ago

If you want a cheat enabled server just ser sv_cheats 1 and load a map like this devmap map-name-here


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#6 15 years ago

nahh piece of cake mate ..kick a$$ :mEk: YEE HAAA:lol: Deadeye:beer:



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#7 15 years ago

I remember we opened a server with sv_cheats 1 and let the public come in. Was the funniest time ever, we where running around with god mode, flying through the sky with no_clipping, and trying to shoot ppl with thirdperson, was funny as. Of course we eventually told them they could do it, but only after we fully freaked them out.