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I'm done here...

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9th November 2003

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#1 14 years ago

Maybe it's just exhaustion, maybe it's the music I've listened to, maybe it's just ....... the right time ?

Having had some stressful weeks with very little time to myself due to work and my wife being in the hospital (nothing fatal ! Relax) I now took some time to sit here long after midnight.... 2 a.m. to be exact.

....just relaxing, listening to some soothing music and browsing some SOF2 forums. I've also been looking at some ot the SOF2 material I have collected over the years. As some of you know I've contributed quite a lot to soffiles PoTD and I have made MANY pictures over the years. I've been playing SOF2 since a few months after it's release - I started playing in august, 2002.

For the last 2 years I have also recorded almost every game I have played .... and I still have all those demos. I just replayed the oldest of my demos - just to see if I could see differences in the way I played then and now. What happened was that I instead got massively reminded of the many players with whom I have had so much fun over the years. Players that have (mostly) long gone, players that I suddenly miss very much :( If I watched more of the old demos I would just be reminded of many more players ..... so I won't.

Remembering those old-time players made me think about SOF2 today. Why do I go on ? I still play with a lot of friendly players and help some of them with this and that - but it somehow looks rather pale compared to the old days. I've seen it all and tried all - SOF2 wise. I've played, I've skinned, I've tweeked configs to the extreme, I've participated in SOF2-forums and communities. I've made pictures, small SOF2-videos and I've even programmed utilities for the SOF2 community. I've not played anything but SOF2 in that time. I've tried a few other games for a few hours but always come back to SOF2. What I now realised was that I _still_ try to get more out of SOF2 - and I realised that SOF2 has more for me :(

For a long time I had _one_ _last_ _thing_ to make for SOF2. I wanted to make a really really good SOF2 movie ! ... better than _any_ other SOF2 movie at www.own-age.com! Everyting SOF2 I've done in 2005 has been for that movie or a sideproduct thereof. .....and for that purpose I programmed ReFrag. ...and in _every_ game I played I've been looking for potential and spectacular footage for that movie ! (that's why I do not always win the games ! - I go for spectacular killing sprees rather than safe frags ;). I now realise that will probably _never_ make that movie - and I therefor really have no reason to play SOF2 anymore :(

If the above sound sad to you ..... then it perfectly reflects my mood right now :( For 3 years SOF2 has been my escape from reality when I needed to relax and let go - and it was great all the way ! But now ..... ? I just don't know....

I probably cannot let go of SOF2 right here and now - but I'll probably reduce it to just a few games here and there.

So don't expect any more PotD's ! Don't expect ReFrag v2 ! ...and don't expect the movie I've been talking about for over a year.

So if you don't see me out there in SOF2-territory then this is goodbye ! Take care, guys and girls ! It was great .... and it sure was fun :D



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8th February 2001

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#2 14 years ago

Thanks for hanging around with us Infrequent! And good luck in whatever you gonna do in the future :love:

groddy VIP Member

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12th April 2002

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#3 14 years ago

Thanks for everything you have submitted to keep the site going over ther years,youve been a valuable community member Take Care

Dark Saint

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30th April 2004

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#4 14 years ago

Give me a break ... 3 years and now you are quitting? we are just starting to see the edge, just the smallest edge of your genious with refrag now, and now you want to " reduce your play time" cause you have seen players move on ? There are other players and other clans and other people still here. Thousands still playing, thousands still here. That pains me to hear you say this. People move on yes, but they always come back. Dude, take a break ... sit back and relax. You act as if Sof2 is dead already, and not just slowing down alittle. We are still here. there are sooo many more coming. why base it just on the people you " used to know" ? what about the people you could " get to know"? [sarcasm] are we not worthy to have you around ? [/sarcasm] you know what i mean? I hear ya that you have soo much going on in your life. We all do. But we are all still here. We are all still playing.. even if it is only a few games an evening. I really hope you reconsider fading out. doesn't take much to stop by and answer some q's for a couple min. Even to stop by and frag for a moment. I know you won't get the most fenominal ping in the world but you could stop by our server. I think you would like it there. would give you a new lease on ... Playing for fun again. and if you don't reconsider .... well all i have to say is :moon: to you ....lol ... glad you were around ... sorry if you leave. :( we will all be sorry ...

Rammelslakje (NL)

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22nd July 2005

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#5 14 years ago

Bye Infrequent!

Its a shame that your leaving us :cry:

I never played with you but you are a tru SOF2 legend :)

You can play 2 games at the same time?

Later man! take care

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26th July 2005

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#6 14 years ago

good luck. we have never played or spoken but you are a legend in sof2 and goldrush. i hope everything turns out better then you expected. and all your future ventures are a great success. :)

Sir Paul

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2nd November 2002

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#7 14 years ago

There is a life outside of SoF2 and we all have to face it, you do what you need to do after all its only a PC game. Don't get caught up in cyberspace and neglect real life issues. You are lucky your wife has put up with it for so long, hope she is on the mend ;) Thank you for your contribution to the SoF2 community, we all have to move on at some stage.

All the best for the future.



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3rd March 2004

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#8 14 years ago

im a old-time sof1 and sof2 player now i play in css dod bf2 and whit al the new games this mont fear call of duty 2 Quake 4 ... its time for sof3. sof fan 4 ever



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8th November 2003

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#9 14 years ago

Well m8 sad to know you'll be leaving but i know that you'll come back because this game is to addicting to stay away from. If you dont come back have a good time and keep on rocking, Good luck :).


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12th November 2003

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#10 14 years ago

=( SoF2 has indeed got worse, and a lot of my sof2"friends" are gone.. I dont get as much fun from it as I did 3 years ago.. but I hope ill still be playing it 5 years from now with other ppl who play j4f like me.. its still the only MP game I play, but it used to be better..

but I wont leave =P

hope to see you again somewhere m8y