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#1 11 years ago
hi to all who read this ,and big thanks to goody for giving us this oppourtunity to tell you all about our clan. Our clan was born out off an old sof2 clan , who's members wanted to play more for fun rather than take things seriously. Our clan was started by mr blue and icp to name just a couple and is around 7 years old. Mr Blue was leader for around 3 years (but left due to work / family commitments) then followed by seriousT for around the same amount of time ( left to set up a cod4 clan ) thats when our present leader stepped up. Barbwire (our best leader so far) has now been leader for a year and truthfully -[FC]- only survives thanks to her taking on the role of leader , and the great support we receive from our members and also other clans especially *E-E*NoMercy a big thanks to him for all his help in teaching us about servers. we also thank the guys from the old TdS ,who joined us after their clan closed they are great -[FC]-s these days and as a mark of respect to their old leader, they still all keep their old clan colors , with the full blessing from us other members and leaders.
Our aim as a sof2 clan is more of a emphisis on being a fun clan we play on roc-mod 2.1c @ our servers we have both a sniper only and an all weapons servers (which both run stock and custom maps and are available in our downloads section ) for our members and visitors that like those type games though will add that these days we tend to mostly snipe. All members get admin after a while of being a member ( length depends on that members attitude / behaviour), and it is not relied on members for the finance of the servers , donations are purely voulantry with sergeS paying for the servers every month at around 50pence a day each server.
we run pb at very high settings to stop any known cheats that may come to visit so if you wanna visit please ensure you have pb switched on and have the latest updates for it. We are open to invites for scrims with other clans of a simlar nature , ie mature and up for a fun match come win lose or draw we also enjoy a close friendship with several other clans *E-E* UTD and <> and are friends with the peeps over @ sofplayers ( aka garbage clan ) and are also honored to be on close friendly terms with *E-E*Nomercy and <>slavo both of whom are great mappers in the game of sof2 and we often get a first taste at new maps developed by the above and indeed had a map made with our input for all the members (that survived after cod4 came along) , by *E-E*NoMercy and what a map it is lol just like -[FC]- full off suprises lolol. Over the years there's been lots of members come and go , but we still get some old faces popping in for a fun game now n then and have around 15 regular clan members to both forum and servers with god knows how many not signed up to forum lol. Our sound pack has some really nice binds contained within and is used by some other clans ( be WARNED!! there are some adult binds in there ) We try to keep bad language/ adult binds out off the servers as much as possible before the uk watershed time 9pm , as last thing anyone wants is rude / adult binds or even type , when our kids are around lol, ABUSE of other players is not allowed on our servers wherever it be type or in hurtful binds ( one warning only , as rudeness achives nothing ) CHEATS are not allowed and will only result in a ban ( if they get around pb ) we would like to nominate -[FC]-roc-sounds as 1st featured file ( can you place on soffiles plz smile.gif ) the second being -[FC]- funzone made by *E-E* NoMercy ( a great map for most gametypes ) the third being TDS in holland both cause its a nice map and out of respect for one of the funniest guys we met playing this game we all love ( TDS Batman , much remembered by us @ fc ) and out of respect to all our dutch members ( kinda ironic as it was a dutch guy that gave life to -[FC]- ) and our webmaster -[FC]-CT is also dutch and the majority of our members ) we do also have members from uk, belgium, norway, usa and canada and in the past had members from all over the globe ( when sof was at its height ) ,and dare say that some will still show up and want a fun game from time to time , as they do lol always saying "i forgot how much fun this is lol " we stick with sof ,as we think its the best fps out there! a lot of us wander off playing the newer games , but always seem to return to good old sof when it comes to online fps games sof is second to none it has the best community and best playability, best of all is you dont need the latest hardware to run it and it can be run on the most basic of home pc's , takes up very little HD space ( between 2 to 4 gb depending on how many maps etc you collect lol ) as long as we have players and visitors in our servers we shall remain in the sof2 world and hope that anyone who fancies a fun game of sof 2 will pop in and give our servers a try also dont be shy to sign up to our forum we welcome all to join in the fun a last big thanks to the whole sof community


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#2 11 years ago

@ goody we would like to nominate -[FC]-roc-sounds as 1st featured file ( can you place on soffiles plz smile.gif )

did they upload the pk3 to you?