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#1 16 years ago

Ok so all these people do this thing where they make a sound like lol but the text is (L--.O.--L) ect.. how do u do this..apparently its hard but if u explain right i will get it..plz help me out:confused: :confused:



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8th November 2003

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#2 16 years ago

ROC-MOD VOICE BINDS::FIRSTLY DIFFERENT SERVERS RUN DIFFERENT SOUND PACKS SO MAKESURE YOU HAVE THE SAME SOUND PACK THE SERVER HAS OK. To bind a voice message in ROC-MOD when in game drop the console (key above tab) and type /sounds a list of sounds will come up that look like this @16 etc, Now you type bind x say @16 (after hit enter to store the bind) would say in a voice Nice shot when you hit x, You can go one better by adding one of the various tokens for example bind x say @16 #D would say Nice shot then the persons name that killed you, You can go another better by instead of having the text that goes with that sound you can change it by changing the @ to & bind x say &16 whatta goddam good shot you will still get the sound saying Nice shot but with your custom text. Hope thats what you meant if not then sorry m8.

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#3 16 years ago

Same as he told you above ...but some LOL's and such allow for text cause there are none included in the file for it.. we have an lol that laughs with no text so people can say what they wish. /bind x say "@222 ^7That ^&was ^7damn ^&funny " would make it Laugh and say that was damn funny .. you can write whatever you like in there between the " quotation marks". and whatever you want to write with whatever sound. if you need to know the sounds of the server you are on ....../sounds is what you type in when you bring down teh console by hitting the tilde key( the key on your keyboard next to the number one by your left hand). i don't think we can get anymore plain and discriptive than that [email="...@11"]...@11[/email] ( rocmods base LOL.)