how about..."a" Soldier of Fortune 3 VS Half life 2. ? -1 reply

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8th August 2003

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#31 16 years ago
.am0kYou've played HL2? Hmm, can we say pirating source code? Source code game doesn't mean its the game at all. It will have buggy map designs, no graphics like the retail game, and no ai. It will have physics, and some scripted stuff thats it. [COLOR=DarkRed]And i've played Soldier of Fortune 3, it sucks[/COLOR].

Oh really? Tell us about m8 :drink:


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11th August 2006

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#32 16 years ago

Got this from dks-clan .nl, it was posted pon the 30th of June. --- Ravensoft has answered your prayers loyal fans of Mullins. Yesterday at a press conference in Purgatory, Wisconsin, senior programmer, Daniel Kwale, art coordinator, Gadof Thondir, and press consultant, Jesse Custer, announced that Ravensoft has started work on the next installment of the Soldier of Fortune series.

SoF3, currently referred to as "Soldier of Fortune 3: Exodus", will put the player, once again, in the boots of Mecenary John Mullins, and is being built on the DoomIII engine. Ravensoft was very excited about releasing the new information - so excited that they also released a screenshot of one of the new character models! Map developer, David Baggins, told PlanetSoldier to expect loads of new maps, weapons, and adventures - mostly thanks to the DoomIII engine and the new capabilities Ravensoft has implemented. " -- If this is true the game is going to be far beyond awesome.