How Do You Feel Abou Hacks? -1 reply

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16th February 2004

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#1 15 years ago

I have been playing Sof2 Since The Demo and I have Been Enjoying It. But In The Past 5 Months I have seen alot of people hacking. I Do not take this game seriously like it is my whole life but I would like to be able to enjoy the game nothing makes me angrier than joining a server psyched to be able to kill some people and I have players (who are in clans) hacking away at thier own liesure. I do not understand the reasoning behind hacking??? If any hacker read this pls Tell me what kinds of orgasms you get from hacking? Cause if it feels good to discourage people from playing sof2 and make it so that players that play fair cant have fun and enjoy the game you have some serious issues. If you are thinking that hacking makes you better you are sadly mistaken. You may be getting a good ratio and winning scrims and all but are you having fun? Because my idea of fun is that if other people are having fun. You hackers are ruining the sof2community and making the game less and less more enjoyable. So to all hackers who read this :moon: :moon: :moon: and have a good day. -Current Member Of The :Ld: Squad



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8th November 2003

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#2 15 years ago

They only do it because they can and get a kick out ruining the game for others. I think that if you cant play a game w/o cheating then dont bother playing at all but they all suffer in the end when they get caught they have to buy a new game so its their loss and if they do it again they have issues, and another thing that gets on my nerve's is that servers with PB enabled dont have demoing enabled.So yeah all your hackers out there GET A LIFE YOU TWONKS.