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31st August 2008

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#21 12 years ago

Well, I don't think it's about 1 person his computer, So maybe it ain't the masterserver, but what was it then.

Loads of people can't get a serverlist.

Is it maybe both games are from Activision?



Issue is fixed here in Holland!

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#22 12 years ago

Slizer;4551799GOODY, what the hell are you talking about? The Master server is surely offline as this affects everyone on sof2, lol... what is the chance of having more than 1.000 players with the same problems at the same time, firewall my behind

Master server is temporary offline and will probably be for a longer while.

I have restored and removed the bad language from your post. Consider the pm from my collegue your only warning.

So what is the chances of 1000 people having the same problem Hmmm 1) windows firewall update. 2) windows defender update 3) update from a single internet security software. 4) mass update for multiple apps in response to a new threat. 5) ISP's blocking some apps

I could go on but any one of those could close the ports and block people from viewing the master server list. So please keep your rude comments to yourself in future as next time you will be removed from the forums Oh and just to compound your ignorance about this matter you stated the master server WAS offline when again it WAS NOT.

To the other posters in here. I restored this persons post as some of you thought our remarks were directed towards you, They were not and we apologies if you though that. As you can now see the server lists again this is now closed. If your still having problems then use the other thread. http://forums.filefront.com/sof-problems-errors-help/376280-game-servers-offline.html#post4552455