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Our clan m8 (click here) is recruiting motivated players who like to play regularly.

The clan was founded in the UK in the early days of SOF2 and since 2011 there's been some supporting activities by Mjr_Miche and me in France also.

We play version 1.3 Gold and we're running mod FSMOD (based on Rocmod 2.1c) on our servers.

There are 8 members in the clan and there are 3 of us who like to play very often, mostly in the evenings.

Our servers are named "m8 (click here) DM" and "m8 (click here) US" :



We play mainly Deathmatch gametype but we also play Capture the flag from time to time.

In our Deathmatch map cycle we have a lot of maps from single player game (36 maps) adapted for multiplayer, this is thanks to Furious SnOOper (owner of Windy and Warm server).

We have a custom weapons configuration with extreme damage (1 shot = 1 kill) for almost all weapons and unlimited ammo.

All playing styles and levels of ability are welcome on our servers.

We never have and never will ask for money to finance our servers.

To visit our webby and our forum :

m8 (click here) - SOF2 Deathmatch Server

In hope of seeing you on our servers.

m8 (Goumig)