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#1 8 years ago

Avelgem Productions has just released its latest sof2 movie which goes under the name of Patronized. Frags and Movie (and this post) are by Snugg.

The concept is pretty simple; it's all about frags that make you feel like you wanna go for a hardcore vertical sprint along the walls of the empire state building and then jump off and die. So nothing out of the ordinary but after you've watched it, be prepared for that dazed and confused look on your face while your mouth quietly forms the words: Damn that shit was fucking nasty (which was the alternative title for this movie, but I went for Patronized anyway). Here's a copy of the official release topic:

Patronized Been back on sof since a month and the wars been going pretty nicely, here's a nice summary of last month's actions (and a couple from before the summerbreak, eg: the Ks vs c4 cup final). Edited where needed and some additional special FX. All actions originate from clan - and cupwars. Enjoy.

After you've seen it, u can post something in this topic to say what you thought of it. Thanks.

Length: 05.36

Codec: h264

Preview screenshots: patronized1.pngpatronized4.pngpatronized2.pngpatronized3.pngStream links: YouTube HD [1280x720]

Oh yeah, give youtube a minute to load the video, then start watching, otherwise you will have to keep pausing for youtube to rebuffer. And try to keep up, its fast paced