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#1 13 years ago

if i see enough replies and interest into it, i'm going to upload on rapidshare the COMPLETE server side of noble-pro mod, then post here the direct link for download since it's based on rocmod, i'm ******** off to read on nobleman site "the only place where you can get the best mod for sof2: only my customers can use it"............... his mod is based on a very popular PUBLIC mod (referring to 2.1c source) with some other **** added later........... but this "custom" mod has got security into it: nobleman can see if a server is running his mod that isn't into his network, connect to it and mess it up making it unplayable so it will be up to you running an audit software first time you will run the server with his mod to see how he connect (if there is backdoor, or some other shit)........ then adding rules to your firewall to deny nobleman to connect and ...... HERE YOU ARE ------> YOU are running noble-pro mod for free (for linux server will be more easy to do it) cheers fat_bad_ass_redneck

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#2 13 years ago

firstly noble mod isnt that good anyway so no need to bother. plus it is his mod he paid for it to be added to and is his to with as he pleases. and if that means limiting it to his own servers than thats his choice. yes there is a back door the same with the pro mods (both developed by ryanx) but nobleman will have requested that so he can monitor it. now all who know me here know that i do not agree with any "exclusive to us content" but he piad his money for it. so why am i saying dont do this. well thats simple there are lots of server providers and most are good and dont need a edge to compete. simply if you are sick of see it on his site then dont go there. find another provider and use roc or what ever. vote with your feet and leave.

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#3 13 years ago
fat_bad_ass_redneck;3684390...... HERE YOU ARE ------> YOU are running noble-pro mod for free

This will not be allowed here, please DO NOT offer some one else's work for free without their concent.