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#1 17 years ago

Hi there. My name is Phillip Clark.

I’m the owner of a Limited film production company and have made many shorts and independent productions, but also have written a few scripts for wider distribution. I have two scripts I am in Negotiations with a studio in for directing. The difficulty I have with them is that these two stories both have a lot of description of action scenes. Being an artist, I sketched some storyboards up and all, but they aren’t too impressive. Because I’ve been an animator since I was 15, I was making an Animatic using Action figures and stop motion, but it’s also non-to impressive.

I decided what I need is a 3D demonstration. I was going to contract some one to do it for me, but playing through the game Soldier of Fortune two, I had a thought. To make the animatics in the game – using cinematic sequences. My computer is a Pentium 4 2.26 with Geforce 4 Ti 4600, 512 meg RAM, so I can run most anything at a good speed, high rez.

There is a problem though; I can make skins easily, because I’m a Graphic Artist, so the character clothing and faces, plus textures for locations are no problem, but…

I don’t know how to get the skins in the game. I don’t know how to make levels. I don’t know what program to use or how to script the cinematic sequences.

About the ‘sets’, All locations have been designed already and mapped on blue prints, just need to be brought into reality using a 3d program.

About the cinematic scenes, ff there is a program where you get the mesh of each character and can frame by frame animate them, then I’m set. If no program like this exists, I’m a bit screwed.

What I’m actually asking for, is either some one who could map locations for me and/or help me script the sequences, OR Teach me how to map and/or script the sequences.

I would Really, really appreciate some help on this.

I’m in Newcastle, UK, if there is anyone semi local.

Please email me. E-mail: [email][/email]

Thank you.