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2nd November 2002

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There are two places where adverts are acceptable, The Gaming Community forum, and specific Game Clan or Server Forums. Will you please follow these guidelines to avoid confusion.

If a user posts an advert for another site in a clear attempt to gain extra traffic/members/subscriptions, then the thread will be moved to the Trash Can and the member will be BANNED. We find that the people who do this have only one post (the advert). Their sole purpose is to leech off gamingforums and this isn’t acceptable.

If a user posts a clan or server advert, then it will be moved to the appropriate forum. This forum has a Clan Forum dedicated to servers/clans/advertising. Please use these and do not post in the General Forum. If a user posts a clan advert for a game we do not have forums for, it will be moved to The Gaming Community forum.

If a user posts a site which they think is interesting or a topic for discussion, this will not be classed as an advert. Please use a little common sense when you post such an item and please make sure it is posted in the correct place. We are a gamingforums and therefore sites for games are an unavoidable inclusion. Missuse of this area will result in the user being banned.

The only exception to the above is ‘free online games’ such as 0utwar et al. These posts are not acceptable and you will find that most of the games have an anti-spam policy. In cases such as this, and if a member has posted multiple threads linking to their recruitment page then that member will be BANNED. If only one thread has been posted it will be moved to the Trash Can. You will be sent a PM warning you and informing you of why the thread was removed.

Adverts in signatures are not allowed unless they are links to amateur sites created by that user for mod downloads etc. Under NO circumstances may a user link to professional/competitor sites or other Forums in their signature. If you have an advert in your signature, it will be edited and you will be informed in the thread of the reason why. This none complience will be treated just like any other signature violation.

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

Sir Paul

Soffiles & Sof2files Site Manager.