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#1 17 years ago

Hi all,

I just recieved a full beta version on 2 cd's of SOF2 from a buddy. I wanted to try the beta before buying. But I'm wondering can i play the beta on a MP server? It says it's like version .013 so i'm wondering if i need to update something. When I try to connect it will say "awaiting connection" but it never connects. I do intend on buying the game but won't unless i can play a online game first. So anyone know how to do this. It's a full beta copy with 2 discs and all. If there is a way please leave complete instructions. Thanks.



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#2 17 years ago

Metalgirl? BunnieS?

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Go Here

I don't know how many Servers still run the Demo (If Any) but there is also a SP demo there so you can get an Idea of what the game brings.

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