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#1 18 years ago

Hi, how can i rescue these soldiers in level rebel encampment? I cannot get rid of this dynamite :mad:


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17th June 2002

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#2 18 years ago

Just stick with Sgt Peterson/Paterson (is that his name?) the guy with the bad attitude, and follow his instructions to the letter. He will tell you to clear two buildings which you do then after you exit the second he will tell you to get the prisoner out. There are two in there but one is dead. Walk up to the gate and wait till you get the little padlock above your health bar and then press use. The gate opens and one guy runs out. Sgt Bad Attitude then asks you to roll open the gate or some such. Turn 180 and walk down the hill then 45 left and up to the gate, move about in front of the gate till you get the dynamite symbol in the usual place. Use it and then get the schtook outta there till it blows (I stood at the gate the first time...doh!). Once through the gate you walk forward to the next level. (Oh and try killing the Sgt one time just for a laugh, the others get you but it feels Sooo good..... what an arrogant ****er he is