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#1 16 years ago

I would like to thank every1 for participating and letting us in the tourney. It's nice to play good people for a change instead of n00bs on pub servers all though pubs rock too.

Infiltration - beat (close match) beat (good game to watch) vs 3-1 and 2-0 then played 2 more rounds for fun and we ended up killing each other more than did us ROFL were n00bs Deathmatch - and vs and we were short 1 person and sometimes 2 the whole time *JP where were u!!!!!! LOL and showed theyre mad DM skills on prague and beat us by like 15 to 20. dunno what the score was but i think they took a screenshot to post later. NE way thx to every1 for playing and setting up server let us know when you are ready to do it AGAIN!

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#2 16 years ago

We were playing 8 rounds not best of 8 rounds so 5-3 it is :D but you won anyway this time... Don´t be bragging about it, like Dave said in his news post, we just wanted to welcome the newcomers to the community lol :)

In DM, I got dropped for my TK percentage, it was kinda strict and after 3 full TK´s (I think i had the entire planetsoldier crew within 10 seconds, not on purpose of course...) I got kicked (And I was leading with 37 frags and the 2nd one had 12 or so hehe) :D

Anyways it was fun, to bad the other team was 1 short indeed and u folks did pretty good! And Bradley is a real knifer hehe :D n1

Thx again and next time some1 else will organize it, next month that is

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