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#1 11 years ago

hello i have the rocmod 2.1c And I look for the file sof2.wpn which owes ar in rocmod, I do not find him :uhm: ! And I would like to increase the number of ammunitions as well as the speed of shot of weapons thanks by advance for your help:naughty:

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#2 11 years ago

you can get a weapons file here and some advice. and look at post 17 on this one. this is for rpm but the other way of doing it that will work for you is described at the end of post 17. any problems just ask m8


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#3 11 years ago

hello goody :D great thank by your help , i have find the folder EXT_DATA in the UPDATE 101.PK3 ,I have to modify the values as to indicate in the topic and I put the file EXT_DATA in my rocmod file everything is completed :smokin: But I do not still have to find to modify the capacity of firing (shot by minutes)If you could again help me for the values and especially lines has to modify?:bows: exemple : for UZI weapon { name "Micro Uzi" displayName "WEAPONS_NAME_MICROUZI" model "models/weapons/microuzi/world/microuziworld.glm" safe true rank 0.4 oneHanded true cvar wp_microuzi category 4 // sub-machine gun menuImage "hud/weapon_icons/microuzi_icon" menuImageDual "hud/weapon_icons/microuzi2_icon" mp_animRaise "TORSO_RAISE_ONEHANDED" mp_animDrop "TORSO_DROP_ONEHANDED" mp_animIdle "TORSO_IDLE_PISTOL" mp_animReload "TORSO_RELOAD_PISTOL" attack { ammoType "9mm" clipSize "30" damage "60" muzzleFlash "effects/muzzle_flashes/mflash_uzi" muzzleSmoke "effects/muzzle_flashes/smoke_uzi" 3rdPersonMuzzleFlash "effects/muzzle_flashes/mflash_uzi_inworld" ShellCasingEject "effects/shell_brass_small" EjectBone "ejection_microuzi" inaccuracy ".12" maxInaccuracy ".80" range 8192 volume 0.75 kickAngles "1 2 -2 1" mp_maxInaccuracy "2.0" mp_inaccuracy ".50" mp_damage "40" mp_animFire "TORSO_ATTACK_PISTOL" mp_extraClips "3" fireModes { mode1 burst mode2 auto great thanks again :thumbsup: JPS