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#1 16 years ago

Please could some one post a midgame save on the armory leval i would be very grateful if you could my son has delited the save games from my drive or could you email me to [email][/email] i would really appreciate it a lot:cool:

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#2 16 years ago

If you don't mind cheating just turn cheats on and then type

map XXX

where XXX is the map where u left off

then again, I don't know which map u left off nor do you probably, however check the list below and u might find it, below is the entire list of cheats btw :D enjoy!

Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix (PC) Single Player Cheats

Activate the cheats: Bring down the console (default: SHIFT + ~) and type "sv_cheats 1" (minus the quotes/it is case sensitive) and press ENTER. You can also type devmap to load a specific map and have the cheats enabled once the map loads. sv_cheats 1 is write protected in the regular single player game. You need to load a map first using the map or devmap command. So you would type map pra1 or devmap pra1 at the console and hit enter. When the map loads, use sv_cheats 1 and hit enter to enable the cheats.

Unlock All Levels Bring down the console and type "raven 1". All levels can now be selected from the menu.

Other codes Code: Result: god enables the God mode give XYZ give item XYZ give all give all items notarget invisibility noclip no clipping mode pinkspider infinite power cmdlist list all commands map XYZ start map XYZ (see list with mapnames) Map Names: (type without .bsp, for example: \"map air1\") air1.bsp air2.bsp air3.bsp air4.bsp arm1.bsp arm2.bsp cem1.bsp col1.bsp col10.bsp col2.bsp col3.bsp col4.bsp col6.bsp col7.bsp col8.bsp col9.bsp finca1.bsp finca2.bsp finca3.bsp finca4.bsp hk1.bsp hk2.bsp hk3.bsp hk4.bsp hk5.bsp hk6.bsp hk7.bsp hos1.bsp hos2.bsp hos3.bsp hos4.bsp kam1.bsp kam10.bsp kam11.bsp kam12.bsp kam2.bsp kam3.bsp kam4.bsp kam5.bsp kam6.bsp kam7.bsp kam8.bsp kam9.bsp liner1.bsp liner2.bsp liner3.bsp pra1.bsp pra2.bsp pra3.bsp pra4.bsp pra5.bsp pra6.bsp shop1.bsp shop2.bsp shop3.bsp shop4.bsp shop5.bsp shop6.bsp shop7.bsp shop8.bsp tut1.bsp /arioche/small

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