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#1 12 years ago

Hello, I made some new flags and i wanted to take a picture of it only the problem is i can't I use bind s screenshot --> it saids wrote screenshots/shot002.jpg But can;t find it anywere on my computer I used prntscrn button --> I copied it on paint but onlt thing i get is black image with on the button Loading... I used Imaggeshack Quickshot --> He made screenshot but with same problem as above Black screen only loading... I used Quick Screenshot maker --> Same problem as quickshot programm Anyone got a idea how i can make screenshots??? Sof2 Gold edition Windows Vista Thanks for those who wanne help =D


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#2 12 years ago

many people has the same problem.. vista won't let you take a proper screenshot..

Here are the possibilities : You sof2 application doesn't really have the focus. Try to minimize sof2 with different minimizers and get it back to the screen then take your screenshot. The Print Screen won't work in most cases. Better use the sof2 screenshot functions. If you can't find your screenshot then i think you're not looking in the good folder.. Are you running a mod when you take the screenshot? Then check in that mod folder/screenshots/

Hope you can fix it :)