Should "Ghoul Technology" be applied to more games...(i think so). -1 reply

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31st December 2003

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#1 16 years ago

i Simply love the "Ghoul Technology" //gore that has been with SOF series now.. and i know u guys simply play the game for it's extra contribution otherwise it would be another boring shooter. recently after playing games like BF1942, Joint Operations Typhoon Rising.. \ i think the Ghoul Technoloy would be cool in those games reason being... to make War feel like War. i mean what .. u think we really ran in on omaha beach in normandy and not get our heads blown off. lit on fire. blown in half... if i play games that have a massive strand of MP and big maps and vehicles .. i think more games witht this gore would look pretty cool and make u feel like ur really in the picture. agree if u do, disagree if u will... but i simply play this game because i can really blow someone up, like when throwing a gernade in a room. and know that the dude is gonna get blown up. otherwise its' another boring shooter that i think no one would purchase. well i'd like to hear ur statements about this and really i think the ghoul tech has been a great experience in modern combat games but should definitly be applied to other games like the 2 i stated above. for WAR that is...