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#1 11 years ago

[COLOR=Red]For the European Leg.[/COLOR]

Ranged n Shot Soffiles Member Name:connorchilderley Clan Name:|[COLOR=lime]ks[/COLOR]| [COLOR=lime]']['r3si@n [/COLOR] Country:uk ---- SKLD_NeMeSiS Clan Name: }S|>Luttenbacher Clan Name:<>Snipers Country: Germany ---- <>DarkKnight Clan Name:<>Snipers Country: UK ---- <>Leeds Clan Name:<>Snipers Country: UK ---- <>DeadAgain Clan Name:<>Snipers Country: Germany ---- <>Someone Clan Name:<>Snipers Country: Ireland ---- -E*E- Spider Clan Name: -E*E- Country: Belgium ---- -E*E-Bo$$ Clan Name: -E*E- Country: France ---- NIGHTMARE Clan Name: *CSG* Country: UK

[COLOR=Red]For the American Leg.[/COLOR] dl187 Clan Name: ~>}M|)K> Deathlord Country: USA ---- xxcidxx Clan Name:HOG|-=CID=- Country:Canada ---- AFR628 (Biggs) Clan Name:{Vv} VaudVillany Country: United States ---- Forum Name: PATTTT Country:USA ---- beerwench42 Country: usa ---- Cherry Clan Name: VaudVillany Country: USA ---- crazypre@cher Clan Name: KKF Country: Canada

There are still a few more to be confirmed. The competition will start on Sunday the 10th of Feb regardless of how many entrants there are. The map will be announced on Sunday 3rd of Feb and the servers will announced and set to the competition rules setting on that date to allow the entrants to practice.

It is not to late to enter. But Entries will be closed on Friday 8th of Feb when the match schedule will be posted. All matches will take place between 7 pm and 9 pm local time to the server.

To enter post here Or here Soldier of Fortune, Soldier of Fortune Downloads - Soffiles 1 vs 1 competition Or you can send a email to me at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]

Remember this is a dry run for a possible clan comp for the summer. So please sign up and have fun/