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Soffiles 1v1 Competition European Competition Sponsored By

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This was the first competition to be held by us and to be honest it was great. There were a few players that did not show up and to them I say sorry you didn't make it. Hopefully we will have a full competition next time. The competition got of to a slow start on the first day with a player from every match failing to turn up. But we pressed on and had a few hours of none stop playing which was great to see.

The second day we played 3 out of the 4 matches scheduled. With a play off for the last place taking place between <>DeadAgain and Nightmare. For me this was the match of the competition with the lead changing hands every minute. So now the scene was set for some great matches and the 1st ever Soffiles 1 vs 1 competition was well and truly under way.

The third day bought the play offs for the final 4 places. And you could tell that nerves played a little part in a few games. But we were very excited at the prospect of the games that were to come. The games started well with some thrilling matches that were a lot closer than the scores suggest. Then we came to the last had 2 players each in the final 4. Purely by chance the 2 clan mates were to play each other in the semi finals setting up a -E*E- and <> final.

The final day was upon us and we were all happy about the finalists. They were from the -E*E- Clan, -E*E- NoMercy and -E*E- BRDO and from the <> clan, <> Leeds and <> DeadAgain. The first match was between the 2 -E*E- clan mates with NoMercy winning to go through to the final. The next match was between the 2 <> clan mates with Leeds winning to go through to meet NoMercy in the final. But first there was the match between -E*E- BRDO and <> DeadAgain for 3rd place. -E*E- BRDO won that match 36 to 29 but it was a very close match all the way through and is placed 3rd in the European leg of the competition. Then came the final between <> Leeds and -E*E- NoMercy. This was great match and it was interesting to see the different tactics involved through out the competition. Some of the nades used were particularly brilliant -E*E- NoMercy won the match and the competition 27 to 16 Meaning that <> Leeds was placed Second.

So the Soffiles 1 vs 1 European champion 2008 is -E*E- NoMercy. Congratulations and I am looking forward to your match against the USA Champion once that competition has finished.

Please visit our finalists website and show your support

UK Snipers the home of UK Leeds uksnipers.jpg

European Elites the home of EE NoMercy eesniper.jpg

I would also like to announce <> DeadAgain as the player of the competition. Despite coming 4th most of the games he played in were the closest of the competition.

The demos I recorded from the matches can be found HERE