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26th July 2005

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#1 9 years ago

I have been giving a lot of thought recently as to how we can assist active clans stay active within SoF. The active clan list was a idea put forward by a member here but I have decided to expand on this and go a step further. The active clan list is still going up and will be up by the weekend. However every 2 weeks a clan on that list will be invited to do a write up about there clan for the news section and will also be invited to pick the 3 featured files for the week there news item goes live. The news items will be placed into a archive the same as the potm archive in the left hand menu so they will be easy to find and will also be linked to in the active clan list. If you have a developer in your clan that has work on here you will also be invited to link to there profile so people can take full advantage of this to really promote there clan and there work.

i will be contacting the first clan leader soon so if you want your clan involved start emailing me the details for the active clan list so I can add you to the list. Remember this is for Soffiles


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#2 9 years ago

Cool idea goody, yes i like the idea of this, anything to help keep sof2 alive that little bit longer is a bonus. I for one would like to see my clan uK[a]* featured here.