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#1 9 years ago

As some of you will know Soffiles has been running a monthly feature to honor you guys who have given so much to us here at Soffiles. We the staff at Soffiles have added a archive for these articles so you can see all the people who have been featured so far. This is the archive page that will be updated every month as a new developer is featured. Soldier of Fortune 2 Files - Featured Developer Archive. Here is a list and links to the articles from that archive for you browse at your lesuire.

[URL="http://;42475"]xlex-kin, June 2009 [URL="http://;42240"]Blizzard Senior, May 2009 [URL="http://;41617"]JohnnyGrenade, March 2009 [URL="http://;41351"]NOTTMOTO, Febuary 2009 [URL="http://;410642"]s@s, January 2009 [URL="http://;40693"]Joffka, December 2008 [URL="http://;40367"]ST WOMBAT, November 2008 [URL="http://;40074"]The Goat, October 2008 [URL="http://;39705"]Chicane, September 2008 [URL="http://;39393"]Fragger, August 2008 [URL="http://;39004"]Douglas Giovany, July 2008 [URL="http://;38646"]Raslin, June 2008 [URL="http://;38333"]Lonnie Tompkins, May 2008 [URL="http://;37994"]Rebel, April 2008 [URL="http://;37520"]Ace, March 2008 [URL="http://;37191"]UK Slavo, Febuary 2008 [URL="http://;36786"]ChrisZ, January 2008 [URL="http://;36284"]Marko, December 2007 [URL="http://;35935"]Sir Paul, November 2007

If you would like to put a developers name forward then you can do so by either suggesting them here or contact Goody at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]. Regards Staff