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#1 12 years ago

Hi everyone i made a new movie of this game ;-) Description. Lost at ctf is my last movie , inside you ll find the best frags that i have ever done in this game during 5 months - Frags played in order of apperance in maps > Shop69,Jor1,Shop2,Kam3,kam4,Siege3 - Many effects between the sequence of frags - Skilled frags all player in war no public frags. - All Frags played in Normaldammage OSP mod ( european leagues) - Size 129 mo 6min34 Here is my last sof2 movie I hope you ll appreciate it. Have fun ! Link to the download page redirection > Post ur opinion thanks !


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#2 12 years ago

yea I saw this last week I think. Nice frags, I like it. You're a good player, maybe too much shotgun at times but what the hay, you play to win right. Sad to see you leaving, but no wonder. The ND world in SoF2 is getting smaller by the day