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#51 13 years ago
ChrisZToo bad these 2 games are not that well played online unlike (we assume) ET: Quakewars.

i bought both those games and tbh the mp side was great. dont know why they are not played as much as they should be. i think alot of it is that kids play mp more than adults. and kids often end up with older machines which still cannot handle the doom3 engine. plus the adults get a little set in there ways. i know i have, i played quake 4 but it was long before i went back to quake 3 the straight back to sof2. but theres not many games with the variation and adaptability of sof2 so the newer games do get boring quite quickly. for example with goldrush, i could play all day and not play the same map or gametype for at least 12hours. theres not many games that can say that.


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#52 13 years ago

I think I heard that they will do a version of SOF III on console only. :(

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#53 13 years ago

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