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31st December 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Q: will u be making another sequel ? A: Depends on how the sales go for the original AND.. if the community demands another. Now this is the obvious answer to us SOF Love players.//whom love the game. so who ever is running the SOFfiles. there is ur answer. Make a SOF :3 POLL right NOW! i want a fuckin SOF 3 in making. i would honestly take it over Half life 2. if i have the chance. if they make it obviously never made a good Single player. but man was MP kick ass !! i think it would be cool to make vehicles and make BIG MP maps. about 64 player server. more gore. Ragdoll physics // along with body parts. use the new Unreal Engine 3.0 don't make the damage zones soo fuckin obvious. more gore in MP. More weapons... more as in Counter strike style or more than that. new sounds for the whole freakin game. no more old ones. non liner gameplay. since the last high gore count was 32 or 36... make it 64 or 80. and update ghoul to .3 HELL I VOTE HELL YES!! MAKE A SOLDIER OF FORTUNE 3 and make it's setting like Desert storm, Vietnam, WWII. or something ... anything of course but Iraq cuz this war is very boring. but nothing with finding some nuclear device or a stupied stolen virus.