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1st January 2005

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#1 13 years ago

Was curious if I could find more info on payback the other day, and did some Google searching. Found some info I didn't know about so I thought it wouldn't hurt to make a post here with some interesting sources. Quite a few people have seen before... but maybe some of it is new. I especially liked seeing Kenn's confirmation.

Firstly we'll start with news sites reporting Payback. I only listed the sites I thought to be large enough to be trustworthy.

shacknews ign gamespot gameinformer Magazine gamespy megagames kotaku (because they got stuff really rolling) Even filefront :P

Ok. Now we'l show some retailers. I know gamestop had it for pre-sale before, but Newegg?! If you're on this side of the pond... newegg is an electronics giant of an e-tailer. They don't even specialize in games or really sell many of them.

Eb Games Gamestop NewEgg even

wikipedia entry just because it's cool.

Gamefaqs entry.

And something I hadn't seen before:

Kenn Hoekstra actually confirmed that it was in development on the BluesNews forums. Hadn't read that before. I mean... we all trust that guy right :)

Don't know if this is interesting to everyone, but I thought it was nice to get it on one page. Heck if filefront found it news worthy it's worth talking about here. Especially as it sounds alot less rumor-like as you see all of the sources reporting on it.

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26th July 2005

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#2 13 years ago
happysof;3833350 Kenn Hoekstra actually confirmed that it was in development on the BluesNews forums. Hadn't read that before. I mean... we all trust that guy right :)

That why i spoke to Kenn and he confirmed that his post there was only based on the shack news post. And I posted that in the last thread about this. Sorry but no new info. Closed for the same reason the last one was. We have been there and discussed all the issues you have raised. :lock:

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30th April 2004

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#3 13 years ago

SORRY.. i know this was closed but i just had to get this in. The news article posted by FF is no different than any of the other news articles posted. Just because FF news posters find it news worthy, doesn't mean that we, as players, do.

Article on FF This morning, announced rumors of a sequel to Activision’s Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix. This afternoon, Kotaku got word from Activision that this is more than a rumor. Soldier of Fortune: Pay Back is in development by Cauldron, developer of 2006’s Civil War, as opposed to original creator Raven. According to correspondence received by Kotaku from Activision, the third game in the series “is being published by Activision’s Minneapolis office. We have no further information to share at this point, but hope to very soon.”[/quote]

This all stems from ONE website almost NO ONE has heard of. The rest of the places just followed the " shit rollin downhill". This is the way rumors get started. The way they get finished ( same as the last two times) would be doing the leg work as we did.

Again just in case you missed it in the sig: [quote=Merrick] Thank you all for participating in this. Had this been an actual sof3 sighting... well nevermind, it isn't an actual sof3 sighting. I think this makes three times... Remember where you heard it.

Sorry for doing that. But at this point people just don't get it.