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#1 11 years ago

I have been using an internet router lately. I opened all the ports on it so it wont interfere with my p2p programs and stuff. But there is a problem. I noticed most of my favorites in sof were gone. Well not really gone but instead of the names, only the IP is shown. Like the servers were offline. But POOP 3 server for instance stays there no matter if i connect with or without router. The problem is that our Rogue Elite Killers server isnot shown. Infact our server is not even shown on the master server list. Of course when i connect without the router the server is there. Thing is a lot of people are using routers and have similar problems (my cousin). But the fact that our server is not listed if people are using somesort of router is bad. I believe that has a huge impact on our traffic too. I wonder what has poop 3 different than us, that their server is always shown.

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#2 11 years ago

Get a new ip / port ...