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First watch the INTRO!!! You need to shoot off the engine covers from BOTH engines (You'll know when you see sparks coming from the engines). Do this at the beginning right where you start. Take out all the bad guys on the roof. The M4 works fine for this. Shoot the tall tanks (they'll explode) on the roof to knock the fence down, also shoot the tower to make it fall to gain access to the M60. Wait until the helicopter hovers above one of the buildings, and then shoot a grenade at it. This will take care of one of the engines (you'll see it flaming). Take cover and then use the M60 to shoot out the other engine. The key here is to hit the engine on the side (you'll see a red dot on the engine to aim at). Then you're done! Of course there are many other ways to take out the helicopter, but I found this the quickest and easiest way, good luck! :dance: