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31st May 2003

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#1 16 years ago

I cant work the program. Can some 1 please give me a tutoriel.


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25th June 2003

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#2 16 years ago

Copy the .py hardpoint file you want to do the tactical readout for into your tactical display directory from wherever you have it (probably the scripts\ships\Hardpoints directory).

Run the file named "TDE decompile".

When it asks for the name of the hardpoint file, type in the name of the .py file that you put into the directory. Do not include the .py in the name. Example: is entered as Sovereign

Launch the Tactical Display Editor.

First thing you do is click on the button in the upper right that is labled "Load input file". This will import all the hardpoints that are in the .py file that you ran TDE decompile on.

Next, click on "change icon" to select the .bmp file that is the icon for the ship you are doing the display image for. This is the same thing as the icon file, but in .bmp rather than .tga format. A way to make one of these is to load the .tga icon file with software that is able to resave this file as a .bmp format.

You can either move the icons around by click-dragging on them, or by pressing the "Edit Icon" button and entering the numbers directly. If you use the "Edit Icon" mode, you can also move the icons with the arrow keys, and the fire arcs for each icon by holding shift and pressing the arrow keys.

When you are done, click on the "Save to TDE file" button. Exit the Tactical Display Editor.

Now, run the program in the Tactical Display Editor directory named "TDE recompile". This will take what you just did, and turn it back into the .py file.

After this is done, just copy the .py file back into your scripts\ships\Hardpoints directory.