The Shop2 keeps on crashing -- need a savegame to the level after shop2. -1 reply

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#1 17 years ago

If anyone is kind enough to send or post a save game for the level after The Shop2, it would be greatly appreciated :)

I was just getting into SOF2, but now I can't play it anymore because it refuses to load the Shop2 level. I've tried 'load start of level' option as well, but it just sits there and the progress bar doesn't get pass 3 bullet idicators.

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#2 17 years ago

how about cheating a little bit ! in main menu you bring up the console (~+)then you press/sv_cheats 1 then you press /raven 1 (then there should appear a raven simbol on your main menu and now you should be able to choose any level you choose even the level behind shop2:cool: