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20th July 2003

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cherry, u stole my avatar, now it's no longer cewl


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One thing that may help is when you are firing at someone quite far away it is best to fire in short bursts, this improves your aim slightly because if you keep your finger on the trigger your gun moves like a scared cat and you will be shot before you can say respawn, but keeping your finger on the trigger will help when you are at close range as long as you can strafe while keeping your reticle on the player...oh and if you get a choice between a USAS12 shot gun and an M590 always go for the USAS12 as this has a faster realod and fire rate great for head shots at close range.

also don't underestimate the usefullness of your combat knife! in close range beleive it or not is more effective than the SOCOM pistol, good for campers who you're creeping up on...wholop one in the headshot one kill, remember that!