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#1 17 years ago

Can I please get some tips and strategy for multi-player? I can do ok in team deathmatch but still my kills are around 10-15 when the top guys are at 35-40. If I engage in head on shooting, I almost always die first. Is it best to aim at the head or chest? Any tips would help. Thanx.


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#2 17 years ago

Well, this game and many others, requires a little bit of skill and a development of a quick reflex. If you play this game for a week on a regular basis, you will develop a reflex. Anyway.... find yourself a good gun, auto shotgun is good for beginers, then move your way up to more skillful weapons like the M4. Try to keep your gun pointed at the your target while firing and jumping around. A moving target is harder to hit.

Aiming at the head is a sure kill, while trying to penetrate the body armor in worn on the chest might be a bit harder.

Also try to remain hidden until you can attack - I DONT MEAN TO CAMP!!!!, i mean move from object to object and use it for cover.

The people with high scores have been playing for longer than you and they also started off with low scores. Dont worry about it. Practice makes perfect. NOW GO AND GET ME THSOE FRAGS SOLIDER :rock: