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25th May 2003

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#1 15 years ago

hi i dunno if this has been asked before but how can u get one ship say the sovereign to fire a different ships torpedos say romulen???????


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8th July 2003

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#2 15 years ago

well...u can do it a few ways....DL Python2.3 and DL the BC SDK and install Python2.3 and open the \scripts\ships\Hardpoints folder this<<< folder should be a bunch of green Pythons those are ships.. open the ship u want to change the torpedos on and minimize it and then u have to open the ships file u wanna take the torp from and see what its should say Torpedos somewhere in that file..then all u do is reopen the ships file u wanna change the torp on and type it in once u find where the Torpedos section should know a bit about programming first or you might screw it up...

or u can do it the easy way...ill tell you:-) what file to change ..but you still need the BC SDK...after u get the SDK you open \BC SDK\Build\scripts\Tactical\Projectiles and copy and paste to your desktop and rename it to PhotonTorpedo then copy it to Activision\Bridge Commander\scripts\Tactical\Projectiles but this second way replaces all ships using photon torpedo to the klingon torpedo