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#1 16 years ago

Hi guys. I read the other threads concerning the "train-problem", but mine is even worse:

I _killed_ ( I throwed knives ) all the guards after leaving the train and I'm sure that the alarm doesn't start just because one of them gets up again. I can wait for half an hour in the room with the stairs without problems, but if I try to open one of the two green doors upstairs the alarm goes off. It's really odd: It starts if I move towards the doors and always at the same points. Its like a hidden line that starts the alarm as soon as I cross it. Any suggestions?


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#2 16 years ago

one problem that i had with the train, is that at one point there are two guards in the same room, and you have to take them out fast, or the alarm will go off. That took me a couple of go's. Also there is a man in the control room, take him before you get in there. Apart from killing all the guards one by one, and doing so fast, there is not a lot more you can do. Good Luck