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9th March 2004

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#1 16 years ago

was playing on **** server yesterday, and they banned me and a couple others :) they accused me and 2 other guys of hacking and using aimbots... one guy was called ******* i think? the other i forget, but a damn fine shot... i think his tag was ** or ** and his name had *** in it?

anyway, these guys "just got pb on their server" and were spewing stuff about they got screenshots... what it came down to was that their guys were getting owned (funny thing is i play rtcw, and only play sof2 occasionally) and they thought everyone else were hackers... poor guys :) by the way, they didn't seem to mind when i was on their team.

anyway, i couldn't find them in TWL or CAL so i would normally address them personally. this thread is just a CAUTION should you enter their server. it's called ***** and some crap, running a rocmod.

if you go there, please try to shoot at their feet only with a pistol or knife, otherwise u get banned... they hate the mp5, apparently

not meant to be a big flame, just a heads up for the sof2 community.

anyway... my sof2 name is fR3SH (i try to play on the FZ server, the rocmod thing is fun, although i have yet to learn how to do the sounds :) and my rtcw info:

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2nd November 2002

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#2 16 years ago

Dont start new threads on cheats or suspected cheats..its pointless..also never name names here.. And this should of been posted in rant and raves..

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