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15th July 2004

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#1 14 years ago

:cya: Just curious sense Iv just moved my sof2 server from home to work to make it permanent. What makes you connect to a server? The mod? location? etc? One thing is bothering me thought.. When I had the server at home. I ran it dedicated on the computer I played on. With OSP and a small normal mapcycle. No punkbuster. There were always people connecting when I and my mate connected to it. Now when its moved to work. Solid and fast Linux server on 50 Mbit line. Running ROCMOD. This time I am using punkbuster. Changed the name of server aswell as ip. Now I rarely get people to connect :( And that small amount of people whom connects often disconnects after a bit of play. Im thinking a bit that People dont wanna play on a "clan" server? Or.. With punkbuster enabled there wont be many connecting sense the illegal people cant use their copies? Maybe my server gets listed weird? however my mate can see it and iv also asked a guy who connected where he located my server and he saw it in the list.. Sorry for this long and misspelled post but im just so tired after work today :p Anyway feedback would be nice thx ;)

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2nd November 2002

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#2 14 years ago

It depends on a lot of things i suppose, they may not get a good ping, they may not stay because there are not many people playing there, they dont like the maps, they may have to download stuff the list is endless and down to personal choice. I myself like to join servers with about 3-7 players in always an odd number so i even the teams. Don't take it personal could be a number of reasons why ppl don't stay.

Advertise your server in the clan forum and see if you get a better turn out ;)