what other games do you play besides sof2? -1 reply

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8th October 2004

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#21 16 years ago
LeTHaL BaNaNa<3 N64 :bows: haha me too, i just can't get enough of classics like diddy kong racing, mario64, goldeneye, perfect dark and mario tennis :D the best games ever made :smokin:

OMG! You forgot Conker's Bad Fur Day! That game just pwnz!!! LOL. Anyhow, I forgot to mention Doom 1, Doom 2 and Doom 3 in my previous post... Especially Doom 1 and 2 rock! ;)


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#22 15 years ago

and Duke Nukem was a classic N64 game. I have Multi Theft Auto for Vice City but hardly go on. I use SperM` on it, as well as every other game.

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12th April 2002

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#23 15 years ago

:lock: this thread has been revived