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#1 13 years ago

In order to make these forums a better place, there are a few rules that you should stick to. The maximum penalty for breaking one or more of these rules will be being banned from the forums (up to the moderator). It's the responsibility of each user to read & follow the gaming forums Rules & Guidelines. The staff ARE NOT obligated to give you a warning before or after banning your account for lack of obeying these rules, however, members violating these rules should be warned for their behavior and will be banned if they persist. This applies to the main forums, the Private Messaging and Email to a Friend facility. Posts can be reported to staff via the report.gif button which is located in the top-right section of every post. Here are some ground rules:-

1) Don’t abuse this service. 2) Moderator’s word is always final. Don’t argue with them. Don’t insult them. 3) Don’t use these forums for personal attacks, name calling, insults, and so forth. This includes posting suspected cheaters.Treat other members with the respect they deserve. This means do not flame, slander or demean another user. 4) Do NOT post links to cheats. Don’t start new threads on the topic of cheats. No talk of cheats period. 5) Do not post links to Warez (illegal software). 6) Don’t ask for help with the game if it is warez. We fully support Raven and we think that they should get paid for what they do. 7) Don’t advertise services that you have to pay for. 8) Don’t use extremely large signature images (800x160px max). They make the place look ugly. Check Here for details. 9)Don’t put entire posts in CAPS. 10)Do NOT spam. Spamming will reduce your post count. 11) DO NOT post links for 0utwar or any other such links 12) DO NOT use foul language/swear words of any kind in your posts these will be edited and your post could be deleted 13) Repeated use of foul language will get you banned 14) Please DO NOT bump (revive) old threads (above 3 weeks old)