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#1 13 years ago

That is right. Some site have reported that Sof3 Payback is to be banned in Australia. However after hours of research we can present the facts to you and see what you think. According to the Australian Classification Board SoF PayBack has received a RC Rating. Some sites have taken this to mean a "Refused Classification" but this can also mean "Restricted Classification" according to there own site.

Classification RC Consumer Advice Category Computer Games Version ORIGINAL Duration variable Date of Classification 16 October 2007 Author ACTIVISION Publisher ACTIVISION Production Company NOT SHOWN Country of Origin USA Applicant ACTIVISION File Number T07/4979 Classification Number 5250147A

The Classification Board and Classification Review Board

Now this is were doubt about it being banned comes in. IGN have quoted Activision as it being delayed in Australia until 2008.

We decided to move Soldier of Fortune: Payback to early 2008, in order to give the title a more opportunistic launch window. We're currently working at 110% in getting our Q4 titles to market with the likes of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock, and therefore moving Soldier of Fortune: Payback puts it in a less cluttered launch window and allows the Activision Australia marketing team to focus the attention to it that it deserves for a successful launch. We apologise to Australian gamers for the delay

This leaves the question will there be a less violent version for Australia. They have done this before but for Germany with SoF2 are we about to see history repeat itself and if so will other countries ratings boards opt for the less violent version. As Activision themselves are keeping quiet about everything to do with SoF Payback this is all just speculation but we felt that it was news worthy. Hopefully everything will become clear very soon.


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#2 13 years ago

yeh i heard bout dat, i got this link; Game censors go for the jugular - Technology - apparently they dun have an r18+ classification on games down ere so if it dun meet the ma15+ rating then it dun get passed, lets hope they get sumpin sorted out ey.......


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#3 13 years ago